The Whisk Reward Program is our cool version of the classic coffee stamp cards you probably hold in your wallet.  
Ours is a card-free system so you can collect and claim rewards by simply typing in your 10 digits mobile number, which is also your unique account number. Easy!
We only need a few details to set up your account:
Your Full Name and Your Mobile Number.
You collect 1 Point for each $1 spent and you can see your balance at the bottom of the tax invoice. The system will automatically tells you if you have discounts available, our staff cannot alter what the system says.
$5 DISCOUNT with 70 Points
$10 DISCOUNT with 125 Points
$20 DISCOUNT with 220 Points
$25 DISCOUNT with 250 Points
$50 DISCOUNT with 420 Points
$100 DISCOUNT with 670 Points