A Little Tale All the Way from Italy 

WHISK Creamery is an artisanal gelato family business run by Giulio Nelva and sons, Davide and Simon. We opened our first store in Subiaco in September 2014 but our history in gelato and pastry-making dates back to a small town in Italy called Aosta. This long line of pastry chefs started with Giulio's father, Carlo, in 1949, where he worked at a local bakery as a kitchen hand. Carlo's dedication to the art of pastry making led to him taking ownership of the bakery in 1969 when the previous owners decided to retire. Together with Carlo's sons, Giulio and Adriano, the bakery took off to an unprecedented level and became a household name in Aosta for it's authentic pasticcini (pastries), torte (cakes), biscotti and gelato. In the meantime, Giulio's sons set about learning the art of traditional French patisserie and bakery under the guidance of master pâtissiers Sylvain and Stéphane Monté before returning to join the family business. 

In 2013, we moved to Perth, Western Australia with the dream of sharing our creativity and passion for gelato by opening Whisk Creamery where our customers can experience unique flavours and get creative by designing their own gelato dessert!


Our mission is to handcraft tasty and creative desserts with gelato by using our own recipes and the best raw ingredients, to always give our customers the most unique experience when it comes to gelato.


At Whisk Creamery, we do not believe in cutting corners. Our ingredients are carefully selected and only the best make the cut to our sorbets, cakes, milkshakes and desserts. Even the bits and bobs like sauces, toppings and meringues that transforms a good dessert to a fabulous dessert are made from scratch at our kitchen by our dedicated team of pastry chefs.


We believe everyone is creative deep down, that's why we like to foster that creativity by giving our customers the opportunity and tools to express their ideas and imagination through dessert creation.