Are you passionate about desserts and all things sweet?
Are you a professional pastrycook looking for an exciting new job opportunity with a stable position?
Then look no further! We are looking for a full-time pastrycook, 38 hours per week, on a salary basis.
Salary range: $50,000 - $60,000
At least 2 years experience in pastry, with experience in making dough, baking sponges and cakes, able to balance and produce Italian gelato.
Operate mixers, dough dividers, fryers and manage stock.
Experience in managing a kitchen production and baking area, operate ovens and professional equipments.

The job involves:
- preparation of gelato mix starting from raw ingredients the traditional Italian way-preparation and decoration of gourmet cakes and pastries
-making (including mixing ingredients and preparing dough) and baking pastries and biscuits in our state of art oven
-making croinuts from scratch and frying them daily
Your responsibility will be:
-maintening the workplace safe. clean and hygenic
-managing stock levels, rotation and preservation in order to minimise wastage and improve efficiency

Whisk Creamery is a young, growing business who is committed to delivering the best dessert experience in town.
This requres a great team work, starting from our chefs to our store attendants. to deliver outstanding, creative food offer and positive. friendly. helpful service.